Paint                                          Roll                                      Smile                    
Artist Statement
“I see artist make skateboard art. I think I do wheelchair art. I need help do together. Theo and Bea help me. Together we can make wheelchair art. I pick colors. We paint. Theo push fast. Bea slow. Fun together we make.” Over a period of two weeks, Augie typed these words on his communication device. (Augie types using two switches he controls with his head to activate his computer-like device, which has a synthesized voice.)
1. Cover the Decks
Theo, Bea and I covered the back deck with drop cloths, plastic, rags, buckets and brushes.
2. Choose the Colors
Augie told us he wanted to paint with orange and blue.  
3. Choose Patterns
Augie told Bea to paint orange checkerboard.
4. Lay the Paper
Augie's mom put down one 18 x 24 inch paper down at a time over the paint.
5. Push
Augie asked Theo to push him in circles. Theo did that and more, including running Augie into the deck’s railing and tipping his chair a few times. They thought it was funny.
Pick-up the paper to dry.
6. Repeat with a New Color
Bea wiped up the remaining orange paint and Augie told her to paint Blue waves. Then Augie asked Bea to push him.